Environment 2017

Require all government legislation and actions to pass a sustainability test. They must be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.
Make all government collected information public. This will include any environmental monitoring data collected by the government or required to be collected by the government. This will allow the public and environmental organizations to see how well sites around the province are monitored and the impacts of activities on them.
Make all government contracts public. This will allow the public to see what environmental regulations and precautions have been allowed for in the contracts that the government has signed with private companies operating in the province or on behalf of the government. All major contracts will be required to be made public before they are signed.
Require all products sold in BC to have an environmental letter grade rating. This will allow BC consumers to determine how much they are willing to pay for more environmentally responsible products and will not allow companies to greenwash and disguise their products as environmentally friendly.
Invest in long term sustainable energy production to ensure BC has a long term supply of cheap, renewable, and responsible energy with a minimum environmental impact.
Work with the federal government to set aside portions of the BC coast as Marine Protected areas.
Enact legislation for protecting endangered species in BC.
Redirect the funds collected by the pacific carbon trust into supporting local programs which have more measurable positive impacts on the environment.
Work towards creating a more sustainable transportation network in the lower mainland by creating a greater transit system. Embracing the understanding that the more people use transit, the fewer cars are on the road, the less traffic congestion there will be and the less the government will have to spend on road repairs and construction.