Decision to run/ Reason running

Decision to run: Stems from democratic process being unconstitutional.  To many young people, our identity rights and freedoms, including a right to vote has been dismissed.   Leaders always used to run in elections.  Not entirely but enough that it is well known and many, especially young people are not made aware and do not vote.  Really for young people the hierarchy of needs are totally different than one generation ago.  Less than one generation ago, owning house, land, vehicles, farming and building was entirely possible.  Unlike our ancestors, it is especially alarming that many of us in our riding will never do this.


Reason running: I am quite well established here and volunteered at numerous organizations including: Sea to Sky community services, Whistler Bike Park, Lost Lake Cross Country Ski Trails, The Reuseit and Whistler community services.  An elected representative is supposed to do something for everyone in the community.   As well I have helped out with the Lions club, young people and most importantly youth.  More recently I had initiated a Democratic Reform movement at Whistler and Nexen Beach.  It is important we stand up for greater policy, our youth and through proportional representation in parliament.  My business Critter Get Ritter has also been at over 10000 Lions Bay to Anderson Lake homes.  We also have hired over 30 members of our communities.  We are “Sustainably Focused On Your Environment.”

Given our success as British Columbians, we should all be the leader in environmental policy including research and prevention of global warming.  We could do more but not until we get greater, more conscious political and climatically leadership.  Including the need for an environmental awakening and leadership choice. Through areas of climatic reform and greater choice, I choose to be your greatest strength and representation.

In 2014, while successfully managing my business and homes in Alpine Meadows I ran successfully for Whistler council.  It is tremendous I welcomed, met and helped so many people here in our green environmentally conscious communities.

Since then I had seen a tremendous turn around and amount of new faces, especially in Whistler.  It has not helped for voter turnout though.  Many people have been struggling to find housing or affordable homes, groceries and costs of living. If everything is too expensive people are beat down, and the voter turnout is poor.  I truly know and believe I can do something as your elected political representative.  In 3 short weeks I received 300 signatures for my application.

As mentioned earlier, for young people the hierarchy of needs is disappearing yet it should be something more omni present.  It includes encouraging others to greater participate in the constitutional reform and electoral process.  Let others learn how to gain some of our rights and freedoms back such as owning and purchasing land; building, retail and farming.  It was shocking when I found out how little the under 40 demographic cares about provincial policies and through campaigning my leadership I know I can do more as your elected representative.


Please take a minute to review my campaign, and,

on May 9th 2017 Vote Tristan Galbraith for West Vancouver-Sea to Sky MLA