Our government has lost control of its leadership and thus a corresponding Canadian identity.

Our government has lost control of its leadership and thus a corresponding Canadian identity. Many of our young people are lost, and are missing in important life roles that had been shapeshifted generations and our identities before. These Canadian bold fortitudes include: work ethic, in life and jobs; motive, and general drive to accomplish new and typically unimaginable feats. Even exploring the wilderness, outside and camping the rugged outdoors can be included. It has been over one hundred years since the American’s developed a general stock market or share program that brought up much of our success and established wealth through the generations. For Canadians, and even some Europeans this may not seem as relevant but it shaped the fortitudes and left a great deal of relevance for times to come.
With my business I see it more than other, a loss of Canadian identity seems to accumulate each year. Lately I had begun to feel infracted by employees, there lack of a positive attitude, and drive coupled with an ability to speak and communicate with others, perform multiple basic tasks and including paperwork/record keeping. It astonishes me that no one has the drive or work ethic to focus on multitasking, and being dynamic. Especially given that these basic tasks: learning, working and maintaining a decent income were achieved hundreds of years previous. It’s astonishingly not more common, that what made up and earned our livelihood’s and identity is accepted. Starting out as an entrepreneur, you best be able to pick tasks and keep dynamic to what a market changes and accepts, that is what I have been doing and I have been incredibly smart and successful.
How are any young people going to start out, and get established with a livelihood if the government keeps on relying on greed and such a dated corporate business system? Canadian companies can be established without a personality and identity thus mimicking least relevance or whatever they want. Building a Canadian brand has never been as challenging as in our digital age. When I decided to grown my business with a Canadian style we included: brush trimming, chipping and firewood; fireplace inspection, duct cleaning and thus more sensibilities to established the iconic and Canadian home services brand. In this past year I have spent over one million dollars trying to grow my pest control company most logically, and most of this while working disabled. When I was 16 years old I shattered my knee and swelling and joint pain has haunted me since then. Given my past experiences here attracting better more sensible employees should come easier and at less expense. It seems more logical that our complete system could use an overhaul.
It has been well known that camping, the outdoors and exploring the rugged wilderness has become a bit of a lost feat for Canadian and city culture. Last year, after tenants set fire to my rental property in Whistler and took off, not long after, I was arrested in Squamish because I fit a description of someone who had been stealing cars. I had never dealt with cops, or stealing cars and thus resisted arrest. They used excessive force, beat and tazed me because I was shocked, didn’t know what is going on or who to communicate with and thus would have never considered being in this situation to begin with. Of course, through all of this I was running and maintaining my newly incorporated business Critter Get Ritter in Whistler, BC. If even our most quarrelsome public identities cannot communicate properly our system is fit for great change.
Motive to accomplish new and typically unimaginable feats through life, curriculum and jobs is equally important as it is to live a cultured ethical Canadian lifestyle 100 years ago. Before major markets, greed and corporations began influencing us greatly Canadians had to work hard to establish themselves. We also did a lot of exploring through camping, the wilderness and outdoors. Working hard enough to build your own home, even a farm, or cottage should attach higher morals and public standard. What should stop a young person from going out and starting their own business with a fortitude and identity? It’s not the surrounding markets that mimic us but a personality, iconic culture and character that come first. This identity that needs to continue to shapeshift us to this day, and forwardly as a progressively thinking and adapt culture. Thank you, Tristan Galbraith (604) 902-7417

Payakentsut XC Ski Race Feb 27th 2016

A few weeks ago I won the 15km overall Payakentsut Ski Race in the Callaghan Valley. There was quite alot of people in attendance, about 700 but only 300 in my event. It went well considering the warmer conditions, poor snow and two busy days at work before the event. There were no readily available pictures since I freaked out on the organizers and Sigge for a poorly marked finish line (which I missed) so I skipped awards.

Here is the article: http://www.piquenewsmagazine.com/whistler/fortin-perras-go-the-distance-at-payak/Content?oid=2750060



8160 Alpine Way Whistler

House for Sale


After a few ordeals: police, and fire department; lost dogs, raccoons (one got caught in a trap); hard labour including dropping over 50 cedar, fir and hemlock trees; a fire and tens of roommate’s we have sold 8160.  The later deciding factor actually included running out of money to finish, however I can assure you the new purchaser has confirmed to not destroy the beautiful and iconic Gothic Arch we helped create.  It had also been noted the money will be better spent in my flourishing business idea and concept with Critter Get Ritter.

8160 Alpine Way, Whistler, BC v0n1b8

-Number of Arrests 2.5

-Number of speeding tickets 4

-Number of tickets for having bon fires without a permit 2 or $630.  In the Resort Municipality of Whistler, you need permits to do almost any-thing.  This was found out the hard way when a large truck and 10 fireman came over.  It was serious enough although seemed quite irregular in a moist February that there’d be a fireban.   Especially given the fact we just dropped 55 trees to firesmart our property!  As a plus I know some of my money helped stock a butane torch for the trucks when they can’t figure out how to thaw a hydrant out like what happened in Emerald during 2014s fire year

-Number of cords of firewood sold 50

-Number of dogs lost 2

-Number of Squirrels caught 30 something

Thankfully we can say this house was a tremendous resource in the growth and achievements of Critter Get Ritter and personally.  After growing my business, working 6 plus years of 80 something hour weeks, I managed to get up and run for town council here, while continue volunteering at lost lake and competing in both Nordic skiing and mountain bike racing.  We have installed over 40 something fireplaces, including thousands of chimney cleans, thousands of critters caught (some relocated), and numerous ant and bug sprays from Lions Bay to Lillooet.  It was an incredible achievement living and working on and from this place.  Now it’s time for something bigger, better and new.  Stay tuned!!!

8160 2