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Dear Mayour and Council

Whistler Bi-Law; Municipal Council, and other relevant and interested Parties:

“No taxation without representation” was a slogan originating from over 250 years ago when the many of the British Colonies broke apart due to a restrained influence in the parliament, thus an initiation of independence and through what would be a curator the United States of America.  While considering the young, hard working and tax paying members of this community, Whistler public office, its constituents and other community members, we need to do a better job in representing the incoming generation(s) and especially younger hard working and tax paying cohorts.  On behalf of numerous others in the community, I am writing you this email because of exactly this, and that Whistler, the resort municipality, land owners and local businesses are not representing the youth and incoming generations, it is a taxation without representation, and that we have under utilized our land, and that there is a desperate shortage of space to build and develop viable businesses.

What is developed here culturally is significant and something that we all should be proud of however new intuitive job growth and manufacturing outside of a few bike and ski companies is little to nil and without greater leadership here in town locally or over at the hall, as unfortunate as it sounds, we are headed in the wrong direction.  Through better affordability, greater usable space, and more viable value added jobs, as well as leadership in careers that vindicate cultural and intellectual growth, we will grow, develop and include that of our re-generation(s).  Including that of our historic ones, incentives and with a greater youth participation comes local tax base and is through in through out in our ongoing development and consciousness of a Whistler identity.

Our rights as represented through mayoral and public municipal duties are what constitute re-evaluation, a greater young adult leadership and representation, voter turn out and awareness and through what should especially vindicated in entrepreneurship where as unfortunate as it sounds, more recently, it is proven better build, develop and suite outside of the community, and travel in as a visitor.  Following the past, and in former foot steps of our founding forefathers and skiers: the Drenkas, Judd’s, Mill’s, Phillips, Adams, Fairhursts, Den Duffs and many others, with all due respect, they did not intend it to be this way.  Monetarily, Culturally; Skiing, biking, golfing, spa, and as a leading resort destination, the intent was something affordable with an equal opportunity to all.  It was not as frequent we would travel to work in Whistler from Squamish, or Vancouver and buy your groceries down there, supplies in Langley and Abbotsford at a much discounted cost and we need not mention new building or lands costs here for young adults.

To many, a standpoint as a top quality outdoor resort destination, throughout the Province, Canada or distinguished as a worldwide destination it is not predestined when there is a shrinking locally based Whistler citizens economy.  When accounting for greater costs associated with our visitors, it is vilified that especially for the young incoming generations, much of our presence here is taxation without representation and that we require a greater stronger local presence.  It is more viable when we concentrate on a even, less demographically dependent top down tax base to provide equal opportunity at town hall at leadership with a tax base where there is greater concentration of young adult(s) development, and we need not mention the well paying jobs with salary incentives that can attract them here.  Rather than managing from the top with budget cut backs, re-initiations and an ongoing timely and concerning council process(s), it is a better environment to build and grow either a fiscally sound public or private organization through the youth, greater events and a young adult participation.  Through recently running for council and public speaking on Sustainability and the Environment, starting from scratch, and gaining success working with others including the municipality, our native groups and all levels of government while growing our business here, it had been practiced and preached upon this way ecologically and through common sense.  Vindicated relationships between all parties, young and old, should constitute the same: greater young adult leadership and participation, reform, education and jobs thus prosperity budding and building our impressive resort community.

It is desolate, that management, and that there vindications of viable businesses with an established fortitude here, including of that the municipality itself, isn’t requiring a better administered land use program, management, and job description(s), including that of bi-law, and council; and through a better municipal restriction and property covenant law utilization.  Every week most if not all of us notice that there are hundreds of boat, bikes, rvs, bob cats, diggers, farm equipment, trailers snow mobiles that people are working on at a residential property, and as such for a textbook resort destination is alarming.  In all seriousness, before another accident occurs, a more pleasant and sightly developed leading international resort community could be built if we consider the greater implications of leaving some of the past behind and following in more of the steps of our forefathers.  While we have continually expressed an interest with preceding Critter Get Ritter here through our strong governmental ties, the natives; relations with the community and an inside out an ability to work hard but an inefficacy to do so may fornicate we may choose to continue on elsewhere unless we get some greater representation here and in the public municipal office(s).

As previously mentioned and fornicated through my writings, websites, business(s), and continued attempt at leadership, we must do something to reduce turbulence between young and old, and rather the loquacity, increase local growth elements; help an aging population, and vindicate a stronger more youthful Whistler one with a greater strengths, fortitude and an identity that concludes our historic past, and an iconic pre established culture.
Over time, and in 1750 and 1760 during ‘Taxation Without Representation’ it was not uncommon for the British Colonies to expand, only to fall apart come together and become stronger.  When breaking things apart and building our wonderful pleasant and budding community please consider better land use plans with initiations at becoming a successful young adult here, with a stronger community tax base, leadership and vindications through local investments in working professionals in this town, and thus its growth and predestination as a leading edge resort community will become more eminent.



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