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8160 Alpine Way Whistler

House for Sale


After a few ordeals: police, and fire department; lost dogs, raccoons (one got caught in a trap); hard labour including dropping over 50 cedar, fir and hemlock trees; a fire and tens of roommate’s we have sold 8160.  The later deciding factor actually included running out of money to finish, however I can assure you the new purchaser has confirmed to not destroy the beautiful and iconic Gothic Arch we helped create.  It had also been noted the money will be better spent in my flourishing business idea and concept with Critter Get Ritter.

8160 Alpine Way, Whistler, BC v0n1b8

-Number of Arrests 2.5

-Number of speeding tickets 4

-Number of tickets for having bon fires without a permit 2 or $630.  In the Resort Municipality of Whistler, you need permits to do almost any-thing.  This was found out the hard way when a large truck and 10 fireman came over.  It was serious enough although seemed quite irregular in a moist February that there’d be a fireban.   Especially given the fact we just dropped 55 trees to firesmart our property!  As a plus I know some of my money helped stock a butane torch for the trucks when they can’t figure out how to thaw a hydrant out like what happened in Emerald during 2014s fire year

-Number of cords of firewood sold 50

-Number of dogs lost 2

-Number of Squirrels caught 30 something

Thankfully we can say this house was a tremendous resource in the growth and achievements of Critter Get Ritter and personally.  After growing my business, working 6 plus years of 80 something hour weeks, I managed to get up and run for town council here, while continue volunteering at lost lake and competing in both Nordic skiing and mountain bike racing.  We have installed over 40 something fireplaces, including thousands of chimney cleans, thousands of critters caught (some relocated), and numerous ant and bug sprays from Lions Bay to Lillooet.  It was an incredible achievement living and working on and from this place.  Now it’s time for something bigger, better and new.  Stay tuned!!!

8160 2


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