Excess Bureaucratic Stress


Bureaucratic waste is eating your tax dollars. This needs to stop now.

  • Making the budget completely public down to the last tax dollar will go along ways towards eliminating waste. It will encourage proper government spending, and allow questioning of the spending undertaken to ensure it is the most effective possible.
  • Departmental budgets will no longer be based upon the dollar amount spent the previous year. This will end the race at the end of the year to spend all remaining money in the budget in order to get the same amount the following year.
  • All Levels of Government under the Provincial Government’s control will be required to make their budgets, expenses, and contracts public. This will include all crown corporations, Translink, Metro Vancouver (GVRD), and Municipal Governments.

ICBC costs British Columbians more than necessary for their car insurance.

  • Open up the insurance market to private insurance companies while keeping minimum levels of insurance required for driving as set by the province of British Columbia.
  • Keep ICBC around to ensure competitive rates can not rise higher than those established by ICBC.
  • Allow transferable insurance for people who own zero emissions vehicles, like electric cars and compressed air cars, so that they can commute during the week with their ZEV and drive a gas powered automobile for longer trips.